Admission requirements

In line with the study abroad – universities and colleges, the academic GPA is 2.0 – 4.0 on a scale of 4 points. Your high school transcripts is a must for all cases.
The above requirements are made for the undergraduate programmes while the postgraduate courses require graduate transcripts in addition to GRE or GMAT. All admissions come with a scholarship or grant.
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Multiplier Effect of CanAmerican International Academy

To benefit from a broad choice of courses, high quality learning programs, first-class support, a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities and leadership activities
Consistent success learning curves, classroom with blended course of works
Extra – curriculum and moral activities.

Tuition fees

Our service fees are moderate and flexible. The processes involve stages. These include evaluation, training, admission and immigration.

Entrance Scholarships

There are 3 terms yearly – Winter, Fall and Summer. The entrance scholarship is limited to August and May intakes ( Winter and Falls ). Students enrolment into CanAmerican International Academy begin in July ( winter term ) and February ( fall term ).
These programs are designed for secondary school graduates and graduates of university who desire overseas study.

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